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Fitness Biography

Jeannette Margaret Koene, the owner of JMK Fitness has been frequenting gyms since before she could walk. “My mom was one of the first female body-builders in New Jersey, and she carted me around in my stroller to the gym every day to make sure she got her work-out in." Jeannette participated in dance, gymnastics, cheer-leading and soccer up through high school, but after some unanticipated life challenges, she began gaining weight in her twenties. After reaching her highest weight of 226 lbs. at age 23, she was determined to make changes. “Not only was I unhealthy, but very depressed. I couldn’t believe how I went from a high school athlete, to a sedentary adult in such a short amount of time.”


Jeannette went back to her roots, and started training at the same gym her mother frequented when she was younger. She started to see results, but felt very self-conscious in a traditional gym environment. “I remember hearing people talk about how much weight I had gained, and that they couldn’t believe I was "Fran’s (the body builders) daughter." I was devastated, and right then and there, I decided that not only did I want to help others lose weight, but also inspire them to feel good about themselves at every stage of their fitness journey.”


Jeannette obtained her Personal Training Certification in 2006, and began working in "big box" gyms before shifting into alternative environments, which allowed her to offer clients a more comfortable space to train in. She also became mobile (going to client's homes and businesses) and started organizing local boot camps, cardio kick-boxing classes and walk-to-run programs with all ages and body types in mind. "I want everyone to have access to get fit in a safe and encouraging setting. No one should ever feel ashamed to get healthy!"


After losing over 100 lbs., Jeannette took up running and started participating in fun runs, obstacle course challenges, charity races, and marathons. She even got into Body-Building (Figure and Fitness) and competed throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. In 2010, Jeannette retired from competing professionally, but after another cancer scare in 2022, she was determined once again to push her body (and mind). "All of my excuses for being "too old" or "too busy" sounded a lot like my clients that I was trying to motivate. I had to set an example! So, while I was beating cancer, I was also challenging myself to practice what I preached. I started to go back to basics, but also began to incorporate new methodologies because what worked once before didn't work anymore to get my desired results. I was fascinated on how my body changed and how I looked better in my forties than it did in my twenties." It was so profound that after a twelve-year retirement, Jeannette had her professional body-building status reinstated to allow her to compete again against women half her age...cancer free!


It also helps that Jeannette is a former nurse and has a post graduate degree in Healthcare Management. Not only is she a multi-certified personal trainer, but has certifications in numerous group training specialties, nutrition, weight management, functional flexibility and stretch therapies, injury prevention and rehabilitative exercise, and health and wellness coaching. Jeannette is also a licensed practitioner that can order lifestyle genetic testing, food sensitivity, and gut health screenings that allows her to give her clients an overall health perspective to help them reach their goals.


“I really hope that my personal journey of being fit-to-fat-to-fit (and everywhere in between) will inspire others to want to live a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. I will continue to share my knowledge and motivate as many as I can along the way. I know what it is like to battle with body image, and understand the daily struggles many of you face. As I age, new challenges will arise, but I have a realistic, effective approach to continue on my wellness journey. Believe me, I have seen all of the fads, and I can honestly tell you that nothing comes easy. Hard work and dedication are required for you to become successful in anything you do, but if you are ready to see results, I can share with you the tools that will help you achieve your fitness goals and get healthy!"

Before & After
226 lbs - 186 lbs

At my highest weight (226 lbs), I was not only very  unhealthy, but very depressed. I went from high school athlete to sedentary adult, gaining more than 100 lbs.

After several yo-yo diets, and many failed attempts at losing weight, I finally lost 40 lbs. I finally felt confident enough to get into a bathing suite. Still over-weight, but feeling more optimistic after seeing some results.

126 lbs

My journey of weight loss took me into the strange world of competitive Body-Building.


Shortly after getting certified as a personal trainer in 2006, I began competing in Figure and Fitness competitions. My obsession with getting thinner caused me to develop many unhealthy habits.

140 lbs

Now in my 40's, the number on the scale doesn't matter as much to me. I live an active lifestyle and love to share my personal story in hopes that I can encourage others to live a more fit life.

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